Closing the voting loop hole

Tired of dirty water and dirty politics? Join Lee Voter Freedom to restore our waterways and government accountability. Our grassroots effort to place a referendum on the 2018 ballot will open up the Lee County Commission election to all registered voters.

Special interests, including the sugar industry, provide generous financial support to ensure their handpicked candidates are elected in the primary. A loophole in Florida election laws allow for a “write in” candidate to run with no intention of campaigning for office but to marginalize the voters by closing the primary. A closed primary excludes nearly 60% of registered voters.

A local primary that treats all registered voters as Americans, without political labels, would enhance voter participation and provide a viable field of candidates that would represent the public interest, not the special interest. We would have a better chance of electing candidates that would commit to protecting and restoring the Caloosahatchee and our coastal estuaries as well as restoring confidence in our government. We need volunteers during the petition drive and financial support. Visit to learn more, donate and volunteer.

Ray Judah, Fort Myers

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